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YouTube Content ID is a premium feature provided by YouTube to earn more revenue. This Tool is specially for those Artists who earns a good amount from their songs on YouTube.

We are getting some restrictions from our backend to control the YouTube Content ID Requests as most of the artists who apply for it doesn't generates a good revenue.

To control the YouTube Content ID Requests, from 1st June 2022, we are now charging an amount of $5 per song for YouTube Content ID which we will be refunding the artist once their total catalog amount reaches an amount of €100 while withdrawing. This method will lead to a control that only those artists who believes that their songs will be earning a good amount will apply for this feature.

For Example, if you have applied for YouTube Content ID for your 4 releases, means you have paid $20 in total. Whenever your total catalog revenue reaches to €100 anytime, you can request for the total payment + your $20 refund. So, you'll be getting €100 + $20 at that time.

We, One Music Records ourselves aren't in favor of charging an amount for this feature, but we need to control the requests as per the update We hope you all understand us.

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